Vesna Rozman

is a professional visual artist living and working in South Australia. She has worked professionally in the
arts since 1993.

Vesna specialises in portraits of animals and people. She works with a blend of mediums including pastel, pencil, coloured pencil, inks, gouache, and acrylics. Vesna devotes time to capturing the inner spirit and personality of her subjects and she looks forward to painting every new commission including
public art murals.

Vesna offers art classes for both children and adults on a fortnightly basis at the Wolf Song Art and Wellbeing Studio.


Over the years I have received numerous requests for commissions, some have been out of the ordinary…  But I love a challenge!

"Vesna is a wonderful artist and teacher. I first had classes with her when I was about 8 years old. She taught me everything from basic skills to a wide range of techniques and mediums helping me grow my artistic abilities and hone my skills. Vesna's easy going nature, and her genuine desire to help and guide others made me feel comfortable and capable. With her I became confident in my art and myself. I highly recommend Vesna as an art teacher and look forward to another class with her soon."

Hannah S

“Vesna Rozman is an amazing artist in her own right, as an art teacher she is exceptional. Vesna has the ability to teach you how to see things in a different light and draw with confidence, I was and still am a student of Vesna Rozman, I have been for over twenty years, unlike Vesna I am not someone who draws all the time and may go for a year or two in between projects, but Vesna's training has given me the confidence and ability to draw any thing I want with success. I recommend Vesna's lessons to anyone from beginner to experience as she has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share."

Sharon H

Art Classes and Workshops

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