What are the signs that I need Shamanic Healing?

  • Chronic illnesses such as depression, auto immune disorder, anxiety or various addictions are more likely to have an unidentified spiritual, ancestral or emotional component, therefore respond well to shamanic healing techniques.
  • Aches in a certain part of the body that just ‘appear’ and don’t seem to heal.
  • The sense that something is “missing” or that “I haven’t been the same since…” can often be indicative of an energetic loss of some type, including soul energy loss.
  • Not being able to move past a traumatic life event that had occurred somewhere in your timeline.
  • Repeatedly feeling like the victim or being victimised recurrently
  • Wanting to find your joy, purpose and zest for life, rather than feeling like you are always treading water.
  • Having a personal energetic wall or protective force field around yourself that stops you from interacting fully in life.
  • Sleeplessness or restlessness that doesn’t dissipate.
  • The sense that someone has tagged or cursed you.

Will it work?

  • If we are serious about wanting to become balanced – spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically then shamanic transformation can help. Taking responsibility for your own disharmony, ailments and imbalances and being open are often the best medicine for healing. Healing is a partnership between the client and the shaman.
  • Trapped emotions act like ‘programmes’ limiting our freedom and wellbeing on all levels. Shamans utilise various techniques with their clients so that old energies can be cleared, and healing can take place. The change can be immediate or integrate over time.
  • Shamanic therapy complements both conventional medicine and other natural therapies, such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, homeopathy, naturopathy, massage and others.