Just for Women: The SHARK CAGE

An 8-week group program (16 participation hours)

A practical framework for preventing and addressing re-victimisation for girls and women. Created by psychologist Ursula Benstead the program is both a human rights and gender equality approach to personal freedom.   It is a trauma informed five step program of interventions designed to heal and empower women who have experienced repeated abuse throughout their lives. The Shark Cage storytelling metaphor is a gentle yet effective opening to a narrative that steps out of the self-blame cycle and is essential to a person who wants to positively change their life circumstances.

Topics covered include:

  • Understanding the Shark Cage metaphor
  • Knowing how to recognise a shark
  • Renovating and activating your personal shark cage
  • Knowing your rights and boundaries
  • Self-care, mindfulness and personal empowerment

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