Welcome to my commissions’ page, please enjoy viewing my gallery page.


 Over the years I have received numerous requests for commissions, big and small! Some have been out of the ordinary…  But I do love a challenge!



Portraits are lovingly and meticulously drawn and rendered from your carefully selected photographs and listening to your ideas.

Please head to my contact page for any commissioning enquiries; I encourage you to attach a few images as a starting point. There is definitely no obligation- all enquiries are welcomed.

When considering reference images, try to envision how the subject matter might look from a portrait point of view?

An exceptional portrait requires photographic reference material with good:

  • Clarity (photo is not blurry or too small)
  • Light (a photo of dark coloured subject matter looks better taken in natural sunlight so that shadows and highlights can be seen)
  • Pose
  • Depth of field (subject looks alive and 3 dimensional not flat) I take commissions from anywhere in the world and always ensure that your drawing will make it safely to your front door. I will send you photos throughout the process of your artwork, so that you are able to gradually see your beloved portrait come to life.
Wildlife Totems:

My other passion is painting wildlife.  I consider myself strongly connected to nature and its energy. I create and illustrate Animal Totem Shields that resinate the special animal that you feel connected to in life and spirit. Each totemic shield is designed especially as a one off.

Acrylic is painted on natural leather, round or rectangle, with feathers/glass/beads embellished as you like.

Community Artist:

I have led community arts-based projects around Adelaide and enjoy working with members of a community from young people to adults creating a public artwork. It is important to me that everyone gets to input their ideas into a project.  With my project management skills and I can facilitate the process from start to finish.

Tattoo Designs:

I design individual tattoo motifs which capture not only your totem animal/s but also contain the human connection by merging powerful symbols that empower and balance you.

email me should you have an idea in mind!