Born in Vukovar, Croatia in 1965, Vesna Rozman migrated to Australia when she was five years old. The family settled in Adelaide and it was in her early years that Vesna discovered her natural talent in drawing animals.  As a child she dreamed and begged her parents for a horse- Every birthday was the same wish, but suburban life made no room for horses and she settled for a cat. Upon leaving Secondary School Vesna enrolled in a two year Diploma in Art and Design. She bought her first horse “Luke” an Appaloosa when she turned 18 years old and has never stopped loving her animals. Whether they are wild and free or beloved family pets, Vesna loves to surround herself with them, either in real life or in art. Intuitively, she works to give life and soul to her paintings; the look is something very important for her.

Vesna has lived and worked at “Utopia” an Aboriginal Community 250km northeast of Alice Springs in the heart of desert Australia. While there she worked with the Utopian lady artists and coordinated sales, exhibitions and travels for them to highlight and promote their beautiful art canvases, carvings and silk batiks, which they are world famous for. Being an artist herself she loved the experience and during that time also created some beautiful Aboriginal portraits including that of famous artist Emily Kame Kngwarreye who Vesna knew personally and listened to her stories of exploitation within arts dealerships. Vesna was outraged and touched by the plight of the stolen generations – see “Too Young to Hide”.

She won First prize in Alice Springs with her painting “1993 The Year of Indigenous People”

In 2005 Vesna began working for Local Government in South Australia in the portfolios of Arts and Culture, Theatre Management, Placemaking and Social Inclusion. She currently lives in the Adelaide Hills where she paints in her Studio and teaches art to both children and adults. (Go to Art Classes Link for more information).

Vesna also runs a Wellbeing natural therapy practice at her studio on limited days.


1993- Winner People’s Choice, Advocate Art Award, Alice Springs NT
1994- Advocate Art Show, Alice Springs NT
1995- Araluen Art Exhibition, Alice Springs NT
1996- Port Rotary Art Show, SA
1997- Port Rotary Art Show/Winner Gawler Art Show/Winner Royal Adelaide Art Show SA
1998- Port Rotary Art Show/Winner Gawler Art Show SA
1999- Two Wells Institute, group exhibition, Two Wells SA
2001- Cooroy Butter Factory, group exhibition, Cooroy, Qld
2003- Kapunda Regional Gallery, group exhibition, Kapunda SA
2005- Solo Exhibition; “All Roads Lead to Utopia”, Kapunda Regional Gallery SA
2006- SALA Festival solo Exhibition; “Chakra” at Broomsticks Gallery, Port Adelaide SA
2007- Fringe Festival, group exhibition, Black Diamond Gallery, Port Adelaide
2007- SALA Festival, Grange Hotel, duo exhibition with Fernando Goncalves ‘In the Mix”
2008 – Black Diamond Gallery, group exhibition, “Indulgence”
2010 –SALA Festival, Black Diamond Gallery, group exhibition
2011 – SALA Festival, Golden Grove Arts Centre, selected group exhibition
2011 – Adelaide Airport Painting and Ceramics Exhibition
2013- SALA Festival, Kaleidoscope – “Artists from Within”, selected group exhibition
2014- SALA Festival, “Dreaming of a Song” curated group exhibition
2015 –SALA Festival, Ä Clear Blue Sky” curated group exhibition
2016 –SALA Festival “What’s Your Story “curated group exhibition
2017 – SALA Festival “Our Local Landmarks” curated group exhibition
2018- SALA Festival “Through Our Eyes” curated group exhibition
2019 – Swedish Tarts, Semaphore “IN YA DREAMS” duo exhibition with artist Susan Brame
2019 – SALA Festival, “A Narrative in Black and White” curated group exhibition